Why is a SOAR Analysis useful?




A SOAR Analysis is a powerful tool for uniting stakeholders in order to recognise the organisation’s potential and create a shared vision of the future. Building on an organisation’s strengths requires fewer effort and resources than attempting to correct weaknesses.

Moreover, a SOAR Analysis creates support within an organisation as it involves representatives in each level of the organisation. Opening communication leads to input on strategy and strategic planning.

In doing so, resistance against change is minimised. Employees will more easily commit to the goals and objectives they helped to create (bottom up).

Additionally, the SOAR Analysis is flexible and scalable, so planning and decision making are adapted to the needs and culture of an organisation.

The SOAR model can be used to explore new initiatives, develop a strategic plan and during annual strategic assessments. It can also be used as part of a leadership development programme and in the career development of individual employees.

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